Mission, Vision, and Values


Excelling with honor in support of the Delta Delta Colony/Collegiate Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity.




To assist the Colony/Collegiate Chapter in the development of ethical leaders inspired by the principles of Love, Honor, and Truth.

To perpetuate lifelong friendships and commitment to the Colony/Chapter and cultivate fraternal relations among and between the alumni and the Collegiate Chapter.

To provide an economical, well maintained, attractive, safe, secure, and physically sound home for the Delta Delta Collegiate Chapter/Colony that is the envy of the community.




In partnership with the General Fraternity and in support of its Strategic Plan:


Develop and implement organizational structures and internal operations that will provide for the effective deployment of resources to deliver an unmatched level of service and facilities to the Colony/Collegiate Chapter and the alumni.


Recruit and maintain an Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) to provide timely and effective support to the Colony/Collegiate Chapter in all areas of its operation.


Maintain frequent, effective, and transparent communications in the Colony/Collegiate Chapter, the alumni, and the university through all available and feasible means to inspire alumni commitment and a supportive relationship with the university.