Alumni Organization

Personal contact information for the brothers listed below is limited to preserve individual privacy. If you want to contact one of these volunteers, please contact Brother Nelson (below) or use the Contact function on this website.

Each organization’s fiscal year is July 1 – June 30. Currently, a written annual report is prepared and distributed to the General Fraternity and the officers, directors, and advisors. These annual reports are available on this website to register users (see News and Events).

The Delta Delta Alumni Chapter is responsible for alumni relations, communications, and fundraising. In conjunction with an alumni relations contractor, it maintains this website, maintains the alumni information database, and prepares and distributes newsletters,
e-mails, and other related correspondence. In addition, it solicits donations to support operations. At this time all donations, unless otherwise directed by the donor, are dedicated to re- colonization.

Worthy Commander
Bob Nelson, ΔΔ916
200 Lions Hill Road, E213
State College, PA 16803-1895
(H & W) 814-278-8575
(Cell) 703-244-7493

Lieutenant Commander
Rich Feimster, ΔΔ1000

Tom Will, ΔΔ891

Cam Sabatini, ΔΔ1534

Chair – Alumni Advisory Board
Jim Wyland, ΔΔ1273

The Alumni Advisory Board

The purpose of the Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) is simple:

  • Provide professional perspective to undergraduate officers
  • Give feedback on action plans to help create a “culture” for long-term success
  • Keep the team of alumni up-to-date on chapter operations 

 The current membership of the Delta Delta Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) is limited. Approximately one year prior to recruitment for re-colonization, the AAB will be expanded to ten members covering:

  • AAB Chair
  • Chapter Advisor Financial Advisor
  • House Manager Advisor
  • LEAD1 Advisor
  • Social & Risk Reduction Advisor
  • Recruitment Advisor
  • Alumni Relations Advisor
  • Marshall Advisor
  • Community Service & Philanthropy Advisor

Rather than one individual working with an entire chapter or colony, the AAB is a team of volunteers assembled to share the workload of the traditional Chapter Advisor position. Board members can be chapter alumni, faculty members, parents, men, or women. It may include Sigma Nu alumni of the local chapter, as well as local alumni from other chapters. This model creates a larger pool of alumni skills, preventing one or a few individuals from experiencing “burnout.” The most important element is to ensure that each board member serves to assist the collegiate chapter and help individual members develop into ethical leaders.

1See: Sigma Nu LEAD – Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.


Jim Wyland, ΔΔ1273

The Delta Delta Property Association

The Delta Delta Property Association of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation (IRS section 501.c.(7)) established in 1921 under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Its day-to-day operations are conducted by four officers who answer to a nine-member board of directors. The Association owns the chapter house and grounds, the equipment therein, and the common area furnishings. The Association funds its operations through rent received from the tenant (principal source) and donations received from alumni.

Bob Nelson, ΔΔ916


Vice President
Ed Sidwell, ΔΔ879


Chris Dorian, ΔΔ1483

Bob Nelson, ΔΔ916

Chairman of the Board
(Term Expires 2023)

Ernie Russom, ΔΔ1014


Directors (with Terms Expiring in 2023)
Pat Thompson, ΔΔ1400
Jon Vinas, ΔΔ1473
John Forstmeier, ΔΔ1499

Directors (with Terms Expiring in 2024)
Doug Kosydar, ΔΔ1249
Darren Crisman, ΔΔ1475
Ernie Russom, ΔΔ1014


Directors (with Terms Expiring in 2025)
Nick Bucci, ΔΔ1510
Gary Gleason, ΔΔ1247
Lane Kintigh, ΔΔ1156