Fall Delta Delta Updates


We are saddened to report the passing of Brother Robert C. (Bob) (“Papa Nu”) Baessler, ΔΔ928, to the Chapter Eternal on June 30, 2022. A link to his obituary follows.

You may recall that Bob crafted the framed leather rendering of our creed that hung above the dining room fireplace for 40+ years. The framed creed will return to its place of honor when the chapter/colony returns in 2028. He was one of two Vietnam vets in the chapter during his undergraduate years.  The other was William Hildebrant, ΔΔ931. Read the full obituary here.



In mid-November, the old slate roof over the kitchen porch was replaced because of leakage that threatened the underlying rafters and lighting. This roof is believed to have been original 1925 construction. The total cost was $1,250, about $1,000 lower than the closest competing bid.



The contractor, Champion Roofing of Altoona, also provided an estimate for replacing the entire remaining house roof of $65,448. This compares to an estimate of $70,000 provided by a general contractor several years ago.  We expect the main roof to require replacement before re-colonization.



The re-colonization fund now stands at $28,952 with $1,675 of that amount having been donated this fiscal year. If you haven’t donated, please consider doing so.

Brother Nelson, ΔΔ916, is tentatively scheduled to discuss re-colonization plans with the General Fraternity (aka “National”) in early December. Results will be summarized in the spring newsletter.



We’ve had continuing problems with clogs and leaks from the kitchen toilet drain. As a result, the kitchen bathroom is currently out of commission. The repair work will be completed in two phases.

The immediate plan for the kitchen bathroom is to replace/update a drainage piping joint in the storage room from a T-shape to a Y-shape. The current setup allows clogs from the toilet to more easily form since it does not flow freely. This would require the water to be shut off to the house for a 4 hours, and will occur over Thanksgiving break when there is much less occupancy. 

The second phase of the project is updating drain piping on the mechanical room ceiling that is beginning to fail. This would require water/flushing to be shut off for 6 hours plus, since this is the main line out of the house. The plumber is unable to schedule this until early next year.

All repairs are being coordinated with our tenant.



As reported on our Facebook Group page, the Property Association’s Annual Report and the report of our annual alumni meeting have been posted under News and Events.  You must be logged in as a registered user to view the Annual Report. If you have not registered with our alumni site yet, you can do so by filling out the form at this link or at the button the upper right hand corner of the website titled “Register”.